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For us growing hair all started about 30 years ago back in the very early 80s when my mother was a beautician and laser therapist.

As a laser therapist she offered her clients laser treatments that were effective in reducing the visibility of some scars, stretch marks and other skin blemishes. The laser was a very expensive piece of equipment, the size of a brief case and could be fairly awkward to use. It was an ‘argon’ laser and my mother was one of the first therapists to be trained in its use. Due to its power you had to receive the correct training before being able to own one, and for safety it could only be switched on by the correct key.

Many clients wanted to reduce the visibility of scars. The laser treatment basically worked by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities and by speeding the whole process up. The warmth and power of this laser light were absorbed by the body and stimulated positive healing.

The reduction of scars was a specialty, and my mother started to treat a couple of male clients who wanted to reduce the scars on their heads following hair transplants that they had received. Back in the early 1980s hair transplants did leave a lot of scaring. In treating the scaring it was quickly noticed that new hair was starting to grow around this treated area and around the transplanted hair.

This was very exciting and treatment was increased and monitored.

A preliminary patent was taken out, but in time the decision was made not to pursue the idea any further. This was because although hair growth was evident, the hair was thin and the treatment was very time consuming and therefore too expensive and time consuming for most people.

This was about 30 years ago, since then there have been huge developments in laser technology. There are many different types of laser light, and the low level light that helps to stimulate the hair follicles can now be produced by much smaller and cheaper lasers. Also instead of having just one beam of light passed over effected areas at a time, our laser combs have at least 14 separate beams running at different wavelengths in order to target different areas beneath the skin. They are also safe and not so expensive.

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