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Frequently asked questions

Are your laser combs safe?

Yes they are. They use low level laser technology that has no negative side effects. The only safety precaution is not to look at the laser light when it is on and do not point it at your (or anyone else’s) eyes.

Simply please, how does it work?

The laser combs emit a certain type of energy that stimulates and increases the flow of nutrients to the treated areas. As with most living things if a better supply of nutrients is provided, health and growth is improved.

Will they make my hair grow?

They are clinically proven to be over 90% effective. They encourage the nourishment of the hair follicles, making them healthier and therefore improving or even re-stimulating hair growth.

Who can use your laser combs?

Men or women who are 18 to 80 years old.

I suffer from dandruff, can your laser comb help?

Yes! The laser combs help to improve and maintain a healthy scalp with healthy skin. The combs encourage blood flow and enriched nutrients to the scalp. This helps to not only stimulate the hair follicles, but also the rest of the scalp including the layers of skin.

Does it hurt?

Our combs are completely free from pain and discomfort. Using the combs is actually quite relaxing and the only sensation is a slight warm feeling to the treated areas.

How long does it take until I see results?

If the combs are used for 10 minutes per day on a daily basis you will probably start to see some results after a couple of weeks. Obviously this varies from person to person, but most users start to notice positive signs of improvement within this time.

Is it complicated to use correctly?

No, it is very easy to use. Just 10 minutes per day in the comfort of your own home. It’s a lot like slowly brushing your hair, and many users do this whilst watching the TV.

Can I use your laser comb with other hair growth products?

The laser comb is a treatment on its own, but there is no need to give up any other products or treatments that you maybe trying. However, please don’t use the laser comb at literally the same time when you are using other products. Your hair needs to be dry and free of any lotions or shampoo before you use the laser combs.

What about Delivery?

All prices include free delivery worldwide.

We will try to dispatch any orders received before 12pm Monday to Friday the same day.

We use a courier service for next day delivery in the mainland UK, although some remote areas may take 2 days. For other parts of the world we will contact you by email to give you an indication about when you can expect delivery.

We are unable to dispatch orders received on weekends and Bank Holidays, so these orders will be dispatched on the next working day.

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